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    Media Performance Group

    The Media Performance Group (MPG) addresses resource utilization and  performance challenges to support a wide range of interactive multimedia  services to the large user masses in the Internet.

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    Game Server Technologies

    Games and other interactive multimedia applications have mostly been designed using a single thread, with some specific workloads offloaded to other threads. For grater scaling, the world is simply split.

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    Audiovisual integration of impaired streams

    To understand the combined human experience of audio and video, this research focuses on audiovisual perception and the factors that contribute to weaken the integration between the two modalities. With

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    Mixed Reality Film Production

    Few major films have been produced recently without months of post production to correct mistakes, improve quality, or create large parts of their content. This hampers the influence of creative film

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    Time-dependent networking (TDN)

    The design of the Internet has many integral parts that has a negative effect on the perceived latency for the end user. In our work on time-dependent networking, we seek

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    P2G is a framework for parallel processing continuous multimedia workloads on heterogeneous architectures and in a distributed manner. P2G comprises

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    Sport and Health Technology

    We have several activities in the area of sport and health technology where we both develop the applications and optimise the systems for performance.

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