New trigger box design released

Our Alfheim setup requires that several cameras record a football stadium in a synchronized manner. Earlier trigger boxes, which were designed for an indoor scenario in the Verdione project, required a long time to build and quite a bit of care.

Martin released the design of the new trigger box for our Basler cameras. It is an update to the old design, which was meant to synchronize cameras located around a stage, possibly at different frequencies. The new trigger box is based on an Arduino with Power-over-Ethernet, whose trigger signal is controlled in software by a remote computer. All cameras receive every signal given by the host computer. The new box is a rugged design placed in an ABS box, it triggers an arbitrary number over a BNC cable that can be split. In contrast to the old design, this one does not provide power over the BNC connector, the cameras have to be powered over Ethernet instead.

The design can be found in a BitBucket repository.