Kenneth Klette Jonassen’s proposed CDG patch featured in

Screenshot 2015-06-05 14.07.20Master student Kenneth Klette Jonassen has spent his thesis exploring congestion controls for low latency and has ported the Caia Delay-Gradient (CDG) algorithm from FreeBSD to Linux. His RFC posting of the CDG code to the netdev list got a lot of attention and was featured on the LWN kernel update last week. His thesis documents significant differences between the behaviour of CDG in Linux and FreeBSD, most likely due to differences in default behaivour (like Linux implementing PRR) and the large difference in timer granularity between the two systems. Kenneth also did work where he updated and improved the Linux kernel’s RTT measurement code for SACK blocks.

Kenneth’s work is research going out to the public for further use and development. We’ll try to follow up on that!