OpenVQ – an objective quality assessment tool

OpenVQ is a video quality assessment toolkit. It is the result of a two-person master thesis that we initiated to fix the general trend of excusing video quality estimation with PSNR by providing a tool that comes closer to the standardized objective metrics of VQEG.

It can be accessed here:

OpenVQ provides anyone interested in video quality assessment with a toolkit that a) provides ready to use video quality metric implementations; and b) makes it easy to implement other video quality metrics.

Version 1 of OpenVQ contains the following metrics:

  • OPVQ – The Open Perceptual Video Quality metric
  • PSNR – Peak signal-to-noise-ratio (full reference)
  • SSIM – Structural similarity index (full reference)

While everybody knows PSNR and SSIM, we need to explain that OPVQ is an interpretation of ITU.T J.247 without temporal alignment (because we are aware of several patents covering temporal alignment). It provides good results for resolutions up to VGA. It was written without access to any implementation of PEVQ and without access to the datasets that were used to perform the VQEG’s competition that led to the standardization of J.247. It was also necessary to interpret the formal descriptions contained in J.247 loosely, because essential formulas were flawed.
OPVQ does perform well when it is tested on the datasets
IRCCyN datasets, and we hope that independent parties confirm a good performance.