A 3D stateroom editor

Author: Andreas Gansen

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Today’s software systems reach easily hundreds of thousands of lines of code, and such systems do frequently benefit from the use of state machines, which help in managing system complexity by guaranteeing completeness and consistency. To visualize such state machines, statecharts have been introduced, which also offer a formalism for orthogonal and hierarchical states. Many developers use state machines, but even with statecharts as a tool, it is a major challenge to keep an overview of the machine and its effects. Gaining an overview as a newcomer to a project is an even larger challenge. In this paper, we argue that a 3D statechart can alleviate these challenges somewhat, and present an editor for state machines that are given in SCXML, an XML notation for statecharts. This editor allows the user to explore the state machine by navigating freely in a 3D environment and make changes to the machine. The editor is a prototype and incomplete. It is an attempt to reflect the idea of having statecharts presented in 3D space.