Ragnhild Eg

SONY DSCRagnhild Eg is a PhD student in the Media Performance Group at Simula Research Laboratory. She obtained her Bachelor in psychology and journalism from the University of Queensland and completed her Master in cognitive and biological psychology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Her previous work has focused on the integration of auditory and visual speech cues, and the consequences of losing perceptual information due to quality distortions. With this background in cognitive psychology, Ragnhild joined the group and the Perceval project in 2010 to work on multimedia quality assessment and the related human perceptual experience. Through a series of studies, this work has investigated the temporal integration of audio and video and has highlighted perception’s resilience to quality distortions.

With research interests related to human perception, multisensory integration and multimedia quality, Ragnhild aims to extend the group’s work on how the human senses process multimedia streams. Future directions include spatial and depth perception in audiovisual 3D-scenarios and further explorations of video coding artifacts.