** Graduated Master Students **

Magnus Elden,
“Implementation and initial assessment of VR for scientific visualisation – Extending Unreal Engine 4 to visualise scientific data on the HTC Vive”, May 2017

Andreas Oven Aalsaunet,
“Implementation of a virtual reality design review application using vision-based gesture recognition technology”, May 2017

Lars-Erik Holte,
“Collecting activity data using the Open mHealth platform – An exploratory study on integrating objective data with sport monitoring systems” (group thesis), May 2017

Daniel Gynnild-Johnsen,
“Collecting activity data using the Open mHealth platform – An exploratory study on integrating objective data with sport monitoring systems” (group thesis), May 2017

Rune Jensen,
“Polyp Detection using Neural Networks – Dataç∂ Enhancement and Training Optimization” (group thesis), May 2017

Fredrik Lund Henriksen,
“Polyp Detection using Neural Networks – Data Enhancement and Training Optimization” (group thesis), May 2017

Simen Røste Odden,
“Recommendation System for Sports Videos – Choosing Recommendation System Approach in a Domain with Limited User Interaction Data”, May 2017

Torbjørn N. Høiland,
“Automatic Analysis of Endoscopic Videos – Deep Learning for Automatic Detection of Polyps in Endoscopic Videos”, May 2017

Jan-Ole Bårdevik,
Introducing New Context Features in the TRIO system , November 2016

Sigurhjörtur Snorrason,
“Processing Multimedia Workloads with Intel Many Integrated Core Architecture: A comparative study with work scheduling”, August 2016

Vegard Øye,
“Accelerating nonlinear image transformations with OpenGL ES: A study on fish-eye undistortion”, August 2015

Mads Johannessen,
Investigate reordering in Linux TCP , August 2015

Zeno Albisser,
Computer-Aided Screening of Capsule Endoscopy Videos, August 2015

Mattias Håheim Johnsen,
Interactive Zooming and Panning in Panoramic Video using WebGL, August 2015

Hoang Bao Ngo,
Panorama Video Tiling: Efficient Processing and Encoding og Tiles, August 2015

Bård Eirik Winther,
Human Action Retrieval in the sport analytic system Bagadus, August 2015

Lars Bjørlykke Kristiansen,
Distributed PCIe Devices: Using Non-transparent Bridges to Share Devices, May 2015

Cong Nguyen Nguyen,
“Implementation of a digital Player Monitoring System: pmSys”, May 2015

Kennet Vuong,
“PmSys: a monitoring system for sports athlete load, wellness & injury monitoring”, May 2015

Thuc Tuan Hoang,
“pmSys: Implementation of a digital Player Monitoring System”, May 2015

Jon Nilsson,
“Bagadus App: Notational data capture and instant video analysis using mobile devices” (group thesis), May 2015

Anders Emil Rønning,
“Bagadus App: Notational data capture and instant video analysis using mobile devices” (group thesis), May 2015

Snorre Olderøy Lærum,
“Bagadus – et fotballanalytisk verktøy” (in Norwegian), May 2015

Kenneth Klette Jonassen,
“Implementing CAIA Delay-Gradient in Linux”, May 2015

Kristian Skarseth,
“OPVQ and OpenVQ: Creating free software tools for video quality assessment” (group thesis), May 2015

Henrik Bjørlo,
“OPVQ and OpenVQ: Creating free software tools for video quality assessment” (group thesis), May 2015

Bendik Rønning Opstad,
“Taming Redundant Data Bundling – Balancing fairness and latency for redundant bundling in TCP”, February 2015

Jonas Sæther Markussen,
“Experimentally finding the right aggressiveness for retransmissions in thin TCP streams”, August 2014

Martin Alexander Wilhelmsen,
“Real-Time Interactive Cloud Applications”, August 2014

Øystein Skonseng Landsverk,
“Investigating the performance and applicability of object tracking in a real-time distributed video pipeline”, August 2014

Sigurd Ljødal,
“Implementation of a real-time distributed video processing pipeline”, August 2014

Stig Magnus Halvorsen,
“Load Generation for Investigating Game System Scalability from Demands to Tools”, August 2014

Jan Anders Bremer,
“Optimization of video encoding for cloud gaming”, August 2014

Michael Andre Krog,
“PISA – The Platform Independent Sensor Application”, August 2014

Ragnar Langseth,
“Implementation of a distributed real-time video panorama pipeline for creating high quality virtual views”, May 2014

Vegard Aalbu,
“MovieCutter: A system to make personalized video summaries from archived video content”, May 2014

Ben Tomlin,
“Crowdsourcing Subjective Quality Assessment of Multimedia Content”, December 2013

Anders G. Moe,
“Implementing Rate Control in NetEm – Untying the NetEm/tc tangle”, August 2013

Liping Huang,
“Design of An Global Multicast Demonstrator for Live Video Streaming on Adobe’s Flash Platform”, June 2013

Mikkel Næss,
“Efficient implementation and processing of a real-time panorama video pipeline with emphasis on color correction”, May 2013

Henrik Kjus Alstad,
“Towards Real-Time Depth Estimation in Large Spaces – A Soccer Case Study”, May 2013

Marius Tennøe,
“Efficient implementation and processing of a real-time panorama video pipeline with emphasis on background substraction”, May 2013

Håvard Bauge,
“Secdroid: An Improved Alarm Distribution System”, May 2013

Espen Oldeide Helgedagsrud,
“Efficient implementation and processing of a real-time panorama video pipeline with emphasis on dynamic stitching”, May 2013

Mats Holm Rosbach,
“Verification of Network Simulators”, November 2012

Olga Bondarenko,
“The Influence of Latency on Short- and Long-Range Player Interactions in a Virtual Environment”, November 2012

Simen Sægrov,
“Bagadus: next generation sport analysis and multimedia platform using camera array and sensor network”, August 2012

Marius Brendmoe,
“Generating gameplay scenarios through faction conflict modeling”, August 2012

Kristian Haga Karstensen,
“Silhouette Extraction Using Graphics Processing Units”, June 2012

Øystein Gyland,
“Heterogene lenker og baåndbreddeaggregering” (in Norwegian), June 2012

Magnus Fulder Halldal,
“Optimizing of H.264 for GPUs using the nVIDIA CUDA framework”, June 2012

Kristoffer Egil Bonarjee,
“Investigating Host-Device Communication in a GPU-based H.264 Encoder”, June 2012

Viktor Slavkovikj,
“Live Color Calibration of a Video Camera Array”, October 2011

Dag Haavi Finstad,
“Multi-rate VP8 video encoding”, August 2011

Brendan Johan Lee,
“Location estimation methods for open, privacy preserving mobile positioning”, May 2011

Kjetil Endal,
“A pipeline for high quality free-viewpoint video”, September 2011

Ståle Kristoffersen,
“Utilization of Instrumentation Data to Improve Distributed Multimedia Processing”, May 2011

Preben Nenseth Olsen,
“Parallel Multimedia Algorithms with P2G”, May 2011

Espen Angell Kristiansen,
“Dynamic Adaptation and Distribution of Binaries to Heterogeneous Architectures”, May 2011

Chris Carlmar,
“Improving latency for interactive, thin-stream applications by multiplexing streams over TCP”, February 2011

Steffan Gullichsen,
“Delay in camera-to-display systems”, February 2011

Øyvind Kolbu,
“QoS related admission control for Web services”, February 2011

Martin Wam,
“Distributed computing with the Cell Broadband Engine”, November 2010

Espen Jacobsen,
“Investigating the limitations of video stream scheduling in the Internet”, May 2010

Martin Øynæs Myrseth,
“Cheat Detection in On-Line Multi-Player Games using Graphics Processing Units”, August 2009

Geir Erikstad,
“Latency reduction in distributed interactive applications by core node selection and migration”, August 2009

Torkild Retvedt,
“Solid State Disks vs. Magnetic Disks: Making the right choice”, August 2009

Magnus Skjegstad,
“Search+: An efficient P2P Service Discovery Mechanism”, May 2009

Bjørnar Snoksrud,
“Implementation of an Adaptive Stream Scaling Media Proxy with the data path in the Linux Kernel”, May 2009

Tommy Gudmundsen,
“Periodic Broadcasting Protocol – implementation and measurements”, May 2009

Carl Henrik Holth Lunde,
“Improving Disk I/O Performance on Linux”, May 2009

Magne Eimot,
“Offloading an encrypted user space file system on GPUs”, May 2009

Christian Mikalsen,
“Moving into the Cloud”, May 2009

Fredrik Gaarder,
“Video Streaming into Virtual Worlds”, May 2009

Alexander Ottesen,
“Efficient parallelisation techniques for applications running on GPUs using the CUDA framework”, May 2009

Tonje Jystad Fredrikson,
“Scheduling of Data Streams over a Multicast Protocol”, December 2008

Bjørn Erik Lømo,
“File System Supporting Arbitrarily Sized Allocation”, August 2008

Håvard Espeland,
“Investigation of parallel programming on heterogeneous multiprocessors”, August 2008

Kristian Evensen,
“Improving TCP for time-dependent applications”, May 2008

Morten Pedersen,
“Gigabit linespeed packet analyzer on an IXP2400 network processor”, May 2008

Sverre Krohn Tennøe,
“Synchronization in High-Performance Large-Scale Distributed Systems”, May 2008

Bent Lorentzen,
“TCP’s Influence on Interactive Multimedia Traffic”, February 2008

Tore Langedal Endestad,
“Peer Selection in Peer-to-Peer Streaming Systems”, February 2008

Kjell Andreas Solberg,
“Evaluating the performance gains of specialization in a stream handler architecture”, December 2007

Paul B. Beskow,
“Migration of Objects in a Middleware for Distributed Real-Time Interatctive Applications”, May 2007

Andreas Jacobsen,
“Implementing and Testing the APEX I/O Scheduler in Linux”, March 2007

Szabolcs Harcsik,
“Evaluating retransmission mechanisms for thin stream network traffic”, May 2007

Markus Voss,
“Hikernet”, November 2006

Erlend Birkedal,
“Late data choice with the Linux TCP/IP stack”, May 2006

Jon Pedersen,
“Evaluation of SCTP retransmission delays”, May 2006

Espen Søgård Paaby,
“Evaluation of TCP retransmission delays”, May 2006

Øystein Yri Sunde,
“Fordelen ved å implementere applikasjonsspesifikk shaping og køing på et IXP2400” (in Norwegian), February 2006

Andreas Petlund,
“Investigating the distribution of functionality for building a video server hypercube with IXP2400 cards”, December 2005

Tom Anders Dalseng,
“Evaluering av datastiiplementasjoner for nedlasting og streamingapplikasjoner” (in Norwegian), December 2005

Tor Henrik Hanken,
“Implementasjon og test av APEX – et rammeverk for adaptiv disk-schedulering med støtte for tjenestakvlalitet” (in Norwegian), September 2005

Petter Mosebekk,
“A Linux implementation and analysis of the eXplicit Control Protocol (XCP)”, May 2005

Øyvind Hvamstad,
“Offloading Multimedia Proxies using Network Processors”, August 2004