** Graduated PhD Students **

Michael Alexander Riegler:
“EIR – A Medical Multimedia System for Efficient Computer Aided Diagnosis”, Feb 2017 [Thesis]

Kristoffer Robin Stokke:
“High-Precision Power Modelling and Optimisation of the Tegra K1 Heterogeneous Multicore Architecture”, Feb 2017 [Thesis]

Vamsidhar Reddy Gaddam:
“Next Generation Broadcasting System for Arena Sports : A Football Stadium Scenario”, May 2016 [Thesis]

Kjetil Raaen:
“Response Time in Games: Requirements and Improvements”, March 2016 [Thesis]

Pengpeng Ni:
“Visual Perception of Scalable Video Streaming: Applied to Mobile Scenarios”, January 2016 [Thesis]

Håkon Kvale Stensland:
“Processing Multimedia Workloads on Heterogeneous Multicore Architectures”, February 2015 [Thesis]

Ragnhild Eg:
“Preserving Temporal Integration in Multimedia: Perceived Synchrony Across Audiovisual Content and Quality Distortions”, October 2014 [Thesis]

Håvard Espeland:
“Processing Cyclic Multimedia Workloads on Modern Architectures”, February 2014 [Thesis]

Haakon Riiser:
“Adaptive Bitrate Video Streaming over HTTP in Mobile Wireless Networks”, August 2013 [Thesis]

Tomas Kupka:
“On the HTTP segment streaming potentials and performance improvements”, June 2013 [Thesis]

Paul B. Beskow:
“Parallel programming models and run-time system support for interactive multimedia applications”, March 2013 [Thesis]

Kristian Evensen:
“Aggregating the Bandwidth of Multiple Network Interfaces to Increase the Performance of Networked Applications”, January 2012 [Thesis]

Dominik Kaspar:
“Multipath Aggregation of Heterogeneous Access Networks”, January 2012 [Thesis]

Frank Trethan Johansen:
“Pervasive Services Discovery and Invocation in Military Networks”, November 2010

Andreas Petlund:
“Improving latency for interactive, thin-stream applications over reliable transport”, December 2009 [Thesis]

Zeljko Vrba:
“Implementation and performance aspects of Kahn process networks”, November 2009 [Thesis]

Knut-Helge Vik:
“Group Communication Techniques in Overlay Networks”, May 2009 [Thesis]