** Simula Staff **

Media group members whose main employer is the Simula Research Laboratory.

  • Konstantin Pogorelov

    Konstantin Pogorelov is a PhD student at Simula Research Laboratory. He received his master degree from the Taganrog State University of Radioengineering. His master thesis was about real-time images and video compression. He wrote it at the Taganrog State University of Radioengineering under the supervision of Pavel Kravchenko. He is a part of the EONS project at the Media Performance Group. [...]
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  • Håkon Kvale Stensland

    Håkon Kvale Stensland is a postdoctoral fellow at the Media Performance Group at Simula Research Laboratory. He finished his master degree (MSc) on fault tolerant routing in SCI networks in 2006 and received his his doctoral degree (PhD) in 2015 from the Department of Informatics, University of Oslo. At Simula, Håkon is the project manager for the Unified PCIe IO project. This is a [...]
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